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What is Photo Finish? 
Photo finish is essentially a system that enables a race to be started and stopped automatically by computers. This therefore removes human error from affecting finishing times and allowing for results to be given to as accurate as 0.01 seconds, and images read to 0.001 second for those tight finishes. 
A basic photo finish system includes; a camera, start detection, photo poles, caballing and a PC. The system starts when the vibration from a starting gun is detected by the start detector, which is placed either directly onto the barrel of the starting pistol, or on top of a high stand, which the starter aims his/her pistol at. The system stops and records images of athletes going across the line as they break an infer-red beam which is created by placing a photo pole either side of the finish line. 
Photo Finish 
Sports timing cameras use line scan technology which means that images of the finish line are taken over a small width, many times a second and put together to form the finish line image. The MacFinish 2D USB camera takes images 2mm thick and up to 4,000 times a second. 
A photo finish system can be expanded to include scoreboards, wind gauges and electronic blocks, with the option of additional field equipment, such as EDM and Field Terminals, to create a ‘Total Athletics Solution.’ 
In summary, photo finish gives meeting organizers the ability to take pictures of the finish line as an athlete arrives, giving faster more accurate timing, which is just want every athlete wants. 
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