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To detect the arrival of athletes, we offer three solutions; single beam arrival, double beam arrival and manual remote arrival. Our single and double beam arrival solutions are beams that are placed at either end of the finish line to detect the arrival of athletes, stopping the time on the scoreboard and creating the photo finish image on the computer. Using these beams means you can take advantage of the automatic capture which a TimeTronics system can offer.  
The single beam arrival detection is a low cost solution, consisting of a transmitter and receiver placed on a tripod. When an athlete breaks the beam, the running time stops, producing the winners time, and a photo finish image is created. Split timing is enabled, allowing the split times of athletes to freeze momentarily on the scoreboard, before resuming to the actual race time. 
The dual beam arrival detection allows for the professional touch, the winners time will appear more accurate on the scoreboard as the athlete has to break both beams in order to create an impulse, stopping the clock. Both options of arrival detection are fully battery operated. 
An arrival remote can also be used to control the recording of a photo finish image. There are three options; 1. Off: No recording when photo beams interrupted, 2. Auto: Recording when photo beams are interrupted, 3. Manual: When pushed down the photo finish will make a recording even when the photo beams are not interrupted. This arrival remote can also be used as the sole arrival detection, providing a manual capture option. 
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