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Judging whether or not an athlete starts sooner than 0.100 of a second with the naked eye can some time be a guessing game. It becomes an even harder job when the blocks are not lined up next to each other (200m, 400m). TimeTronics have two systems available, FalseStart II and FalseStart III, which electronically measures the athletes' reactions times and sends this information back to the starter. 
The FalseStart II system is our wired version of false start detection equipment. It contains the central FalseStart detection box in a lightweight caddy that is connected via a wire to each start module. These start modules easily attach to any starting block via Velcro and measure the athletes pressure 0.2 before and 0.4 after the starting shot, so as to filter out any pressure changes when the athlete arrives in the set position. 
Athletes reactions times are immediately printed out and the top three reaction times show on the central unit display. 
The starters voice is amplified in the starting modules via a headset and alarm beep sound in the starters headset when there has been a false start. 
Battery operated for 14-15 hours on a single charge. 
FalseStart II is available in two options: 
FalseStart II 8 lane 
FalseStart III 10 lane 
The FalseStart III system is the latest product to be launched by TimeTronics. Released in 2013, this new system incorporates a more powerful and wireless starting module, which gives a range of added benefits.  
The wireless connection between the modules and the central PC mean much more flexibility, no more do you need to place cables around the track for your FalseStart system. Of course, if you wish, the FalseStart III can be made easily into a wired system. 
As each starting module has its own internal battery, it is much more powerful therefore the starters voice and optional gun starting sound can be heard by the athletes clearer than ever before. 
Reaction times and pressure graphs of ALL athletes are displayed immediately on the central PC, with the starter getting alarm beeps in his/her headset if there is a false start. Optional automatic recall is possible. 
Battery operated for 14-15 hours on a single charge. 
FalseStart III is available in four versions; 
FalseStart III Club 8 lane 
FalseStart III Club 10 lane 
FalseStart III Professional 8 lane 
FalseStart III Professional 10 lane 
Features of the FalseStart III: 
Wireless connection to the starting modules 
Internal battery in the starting modules 
Loud 12w speakers in each start module 
Touchscreen display shows the reaction times of ALL athletes at the same time 
Realistic electronic gun sound to allow for a fair start 
Future Advancements: 
Printer to allow for print out of the athletes reaction times for the starter 
GPS connection to the start to allow for wireless start 
Wifi connection to the AthleticsManager to allow for reaction times to be printed on the official results 
FalseStart system pictures: 
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