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TTC420 - Flip Digit Scoreboard 
Our numerical timing board contains 6 characters of 25cm each which give a viewing distance of 100m. This scoreboard is easily connected to the photo finish and is driven by the photo finish software. 
The slanted design means that installation is simple; just place it on the ground! Battery operated so no need for mains power on the inside of the track. 
Zero time,  
Running time,  
Split time, 
Winners' time,  
Rolling time, 
Day time. 
TTC408 - Small LED Scoreboard 
Our range of LED track scoreboards begins with our most compact version. Measuring 96cm x 16cm, this scoreboard is perfect for mobile use and transport in a car. Installation is simple by attaching one tripod to the base, allowing for variable height. Battery operated so no need for mains power on the inside of the track.  
This scoreboard can be driven by the photo finish software, or by an external programme allowing for a few extra features to be displayed. 
•Zero time, 
•Running time, 
•Split time, 
•Winners' time, 
•Rolling time, 
•Day time. 
TTC453 - Medium LED Scoreboard 
This larger size of LED Scoreboard allows for much more information to be displayed. A size of 128cm x 48cm means there are many more LEDs to show extra information. A small extra software programme is added to the photo finish network which allows the user a wide range of possibilities. 
Zero time, 
Running time, 
Split time, 
Winners' time, 
Rolling time, 
Day time 
Race name 
WindSpeed measurement 
Welcome message 
Results text 
Delivered with mains power supply 100-240vAC --> 12vDC 
TTC455 - Large LED Scoreboard 
Our largest LED scoreboard has a huge dimension of 256cm x 80cm and contains 15,360 LED's! This scoreboard displays the same information as our medium LED scoreboard, but having the extra space means that the running time can be much larger, results information can include names and event messages can be much longer, the larger size means that you can have more options in what you display. 
This scoreboard will add that professional international feel to any event and we have used it for every type of meet, from a school sports day on a grass track to major national championship events.  
TTC415 - Lap Counter 
The Lap Counter displays the remaining number of laps left to be completed by the athletes. Having two characters of 25cm height, this triple sided lap counter can be seen from up to 100m away and from any angle. 
The Lap Counter can be fixed with 4 screws into concrete, or on a mobile triangular plate. 
Fully battery powered, includes bell and manual control. 
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