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Knowing the wind speed of an event is an essential element to a track and field meeting, especially in the sprints and horizontal jumps, where a wind speed over 2m/second is deemed illegal for a record to be officially acknowledged and ratified. WindSpeed allows for the fast and accurate measurement of the wind speed, via the use of ultra sonic sound waves. 
A sonic wave is sent from a minuscule loudspeaker to a tiny microphone, both of which are housed in the measuring arm. By measuring and registering the difference in speed between the sonic waves that are travelling along with the wind and the ones which are travelling against it, WindSpeed can very accurately determine the wind velocity. 
WindSpeed can calculate the wind speed over an average period of time of 5, 10 or 13 seconds. 
WindSpeed is simple and effortless to use. Readings can either be displayed on a scoreboard or the photo finish computer with the option of being able to read the WindSpeed manually. 
Past wind gauges have used a rotating paddle wheel, which produces highly inaccurate results as it has been found that the wheel can still rotate up to 30 seconds after the wind has stopped! 
WindSpeed solves this problem and is the finest instrument for the job on the market. 
IAAF Compliant Wind Gauge for International Competitions 
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